Complete range of Modified starch, Dextrins, Paper adhesives & gums

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Modified Starch for Gypsum Board

Rs. 36.00 per KG

BilAnsh brand of modified starch is manufactured from native maize starch. Further BilBond Gypsum is tested under 6 different tests to ensure world class quality. Our starch has lowest consumption to coverage ratio in industry.

BilAnsh brand Yellow Dextrin is high quality which is used in foundries, paper core and several other industries. 
BilAnsh brand British Gum is high strength organic adhesive which is used in paper industries.
Corrugation Gum is suited for manual and automatic machines. This provides high strength and strong CS values for boxes.
We offer neutral pasting gum and alkaline pasting gum of different ratios as per customer's requirement and end use. 
White dextrin is extensively used in textile and fire works industries. It is a natural adhesive with high strength and low cost value.
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